We are a group of individuals in the State of Arizona, who are interested in Sustainable Fashion practices. We are consumers, buyers, educators, designers, tailors, researchers and most of all citizens engaging locally, nationally and internationally on the issue of Sustainable Fashion. Join us, share your story with us, tell us your experiences, we are listening. 

Mission: :

To raise awareness through conversations and events on sustainable fashion and make it accessible.

Our Goal:

0% Profit

100% Awareness

100% Engagement

200% Local IMPACT

We are Listening

We are Grassroots

We are the Conversation 

Here's our little story on how AZ Sustainable Fashion started:

In December 2018, Neha Kusum Purohit was invited to apply for Net Impact Wear it Wise Leader campaign, and then selected to be one of the 25 leaders worldwide for the Wear It Wise campaign by Net Impact. For this, she asked for help from some well established influencers that speak about sustainable fashion in the Valley. Their support was invaluable to her campaign for Net Impact as well as furthering the project beyond Net Impact campaign. This campaign was selected to be top three finalists in the end, and was presented to sustainability luminaries from companies such as Eileen Fisher and Levis Strauss.  While these influencers have moved on to other projects, she has continued on with the help of some continuing supporters of AZ Sustainable Fashion, who have been with AZSF from the start. A project like this cannot happen without the support of community members. They are the pillar of this resource hub, and without them this is not possible.


From the start, AZ Sustainable Fashion (AZSF), was about community.  Neha's thought process was to provide this hub as a service to leaders in the community that believe in Sustainable Fashion and want to do something about it. She created AZ Sustainable Fashion as a neutral unincorporated group to service a gap in the community to provide a one stop hub for all Arizona related sustainable fashion news, stories and resource. For this from the start of AZSF in early February, Neha has wanted to bring on board members who with her, are all now Founding Members. As of November 1, 2019, we have 30 Founding members. Each month, we can only invite or accept five founding members due to operational costs. To find out how we have funded this platform so far, please visit this link on financial transparency

Thus far, we have already conducted a few events including, clothing swaps, presentations, documentary screening, and panel discussions. We have a full calendar of new events coming up for 2020. We also accept events from community members to share on our website, Facebook and Instagram profiles. We encourage and celebrate events by other community members in the space of sustainable fashion. The goal is to saturate the AZ community with knowledge of sustainable fashion, to the point that we will not need to have this cause related group. 


Our Founding Members are all independent individuals working towards a greater collective intention, independently. They are not liable for AZSF, and AZSF is not liable for them. However, AZSF creates a sense of community, and a sense of collective intention for action.

With community support, together, we are continuing the AZ Sustainable Fashion Movement. 

Want to do something? Join Us

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