Financial Transparency

Please Note

AZSF is not a non-profit - therefore, we do not have a tax-deduction benefit. However, if anyone donates to this unincorporated group for the purpose of this cause and service, please check with your tax advisor for tax benefits for such. None of the expenses by NKP, Asher, and Mo above are being used to generate personal benefit of any sorts. Sponsorships are accepted as long as sponsors understand the nature of AZSF.  We are unable to provide emails of our event attendees to businesses, unless the attendees themselves offer their email to that particular sponsor. Next year, we will be focusing on collaborating more and reducing the expenses as much as possible. This year NKP was given $400 from Net Impact to run an awareness campaign on Sustainable Fashion, which she used to start AZSF project and reported back to Net Impact what they were used for - Net Impact has accepted the use of their funds.


Please remember that this website is so far one person's effort to update and run, so sometimes it can take sometime to get to it. This was AZSF's first year and there was a lot of learning and unlearning. The goal is to provide radical transparency as we expect from the brands and other organizations. If you have any questions or concerns, please email contact(at) for addressing those.  

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